Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)

Getting a good score on the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is necessary to become a pharmacist unless you are in a 6 year pharmacy program direct from high school.  The exam is scored between 200 – 600 and a percentile rank is given.  Usually a score above 430 is high enough for any pharmacy school and other factors in your application will determine if you are admitted.

The exam contains 240 multiple choice questions and 2 essays.

Further breakdown by category:

  • Writing section (2 essays) – 30 minutes each
  • Verbal section (48 questions, 60% analogies, 40% sentence completion) – 30 minutes
  • Biology section (48 questions, 50% general biology, 20% microbiology, 30% anatomy and physiology) – 30 minutes
  • Chemistry section (48 questions, 50% general chemistry, 30% organic chemistry, 20% bio chemistry) – 30 minutes
  • Reading Comprehension section (48 questions with 6 reading passages) – 50 minutes
  • Quantitative section (48 questions, 15% basic math, 20% algebra, 20% probability and statistics, 22% pre-calculus, 23% calculus) – 40 minutes

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