5 Reasons to Become a Pharmacist

1.  Passion for Medicine

You enjoy medicine and want to be part of the healthcare team to help people live better lives.  From the drug store patient who comes in for cough syrup to the emergency room patient who needs lifesaving infusions, a pharmacist is always there to make a difference.

2.  Profession of Growth

You want to be part of the growing healthcare industry.  As more and more people get older, healthcare will continue to grow and become a larger part of the economy.  Pharmacists are an essential part of the healthcare team and will also benefit from this growth.  The BLS estimates that growth for pharmacists will be faster than average.

3.  Great Benefits

You want to make a good salary in a stable profession.  The median salary for pharmacists exceed $100,000 a year.  New pharmacy graduates can earn over $100,000 and have an easier time paying back student loans compared to other college majors.

4.  Many Options

You want a degree that gives you a lot of flexibility.  Pharmacists can work in a variety of settings.  Retail pharmacy, hospital, drug industry, health insurance industry, and pharmacy consulting industry are just some of the available job options for pharmacists.

5.  Prestigious Profession

You want to be an important part of your community.  Pharmacists consistently rank high on polls for trustworthiness and many people count on the pharmacist to give them unbiased advice.  Many pharmacists feel a sense of joy when they know they are making the community they live in better.

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